What was the state of primary sector of the Indian economy on the eve of independence?

most of the indian population were employed in the  primary sector . but there was lack of investment (in terms of raw material, technology, machines etc ) in this sector for it to flourish. so this sector was not developing and a large population depended upon it, and it also became  a reason for low economic development in india on the eve of independence

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Primary sector had fuedal and semi fuedal institutions , surplus labour which then also leaded to low productivity. There was no positive result whenever any new technology was tried. We can also say that India was backward than all other countries means to say each country was busy achieving new goals but India did not show intrest or we can say that if efforts were made they were not up  to the optimum. Every new machine touched India later than the developed foreign countries.

For example:   If we take contries then they issued top notch machines in a good lot and earlier than India Barzil and China they were growing at a relatively fast rate than India. Therefore by this comparison wee can say that Indian economy was very slow in achieving success over technology and in other fields also.

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