What was the story in karmaveera? Why did grandmother identify with the story?

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Karmaveera was a magazine which contained different articles, stories and series in it.There was a novel named 'Kashi Yatre' written by Triveni, which used to come in series format only weekly. 'Kashi Yatre' was a story of an old woman who saved money whole her life as she had a desire to visit Kashi and worship Lord Vishweshwara but while trying to fulfill that, she meets an orphan girl who wished to get married but did not had money for it.So, the protagonist of the story gives away all the money that she saved for the visit, to the orphan girl. As she thought that this was more of a noble cause because the girl was in need.
The grandmother identified with the story because she too wanted to visit Kashi but due to some or the reasons was not able to.


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