What went wrong when Franz was asked to recite the rules of the participles.
Why was he filled with regret?

Dear student,

When Franz could not recite the rules of participles, M. Hamel became sad. He said that only if they had attended their classes regularly with attention, they would have been able to learn French. He also said that their knowledge could have served as a key to the prison of slavery, which they were about to face as a result of the defeat.  
Franz was taken aback at the news of that day's class being the last lesson in French. He had wasted his time by loitering about in different places rather than attending school. He had either roamed about in search of bird’s egg or gone sliding on the Saar. He felt bad at not having paid proper attention to his lessons. He felt sympathetic towards his teacher and sad at his own mistake. He felt guilty for not having paid due attention to his classes.


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