What were Hector and his classmates protesting about ? 2 .Do you think it is important for all persons to be treated equally? Why?

1.  In apartheid era Africa, whites imposed their culture and superiority over the majority blacks by a policy based on segregation based on colour.

2.  Hector and his classmates were protesting against learning Afrikaans –the language the whites spoke at the cost of local languages like Zulu.

3.  As part of the protest to demand equality for languages spoken by the blacks, Hector was shot in one f the protests by the police.

4.  Equality is the cornerstone for nay country-especially a democracy.

5.  Unless all citizens are treated equally the country will descend in to internal strife, international boycott (South Africa) and civil war (Sri Lanka).

6.  Inequality always breeds contempt and the discriminated section of the population will secede from the majority and chaos will rule.

7.  Equality will ensure that the country remains united and peaceful.

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