what were the main causes of india's agriculture stagnation during the colonial period?

1.land tenure system

in zamindari system,the zamindarsorthe landlords were the owner of land. the actual collection of money was much more than what they had to pay to the govt.. so the zamindars exploited the cultivator and peasents. under tgis system other people benefited at cost of actual cultivators nd the govt..

2.commercialisation of agriculture

farmers wereforcedto cultivate commercial crops like indigo.indigo was required by textile industry in britain for dying of textile. as a result there was a decrease in production of food crops.the farmers had to suffer from frequent natural disasters like famine.INDIAN AGRICULTURE WAS TRANSFORMED INTO RAW MATERIAL EXPORTING SECTOR FOR ENGLAND.

3.partion of country

partion in1947 adversely affected india's agricultural production. the rich food producing areas of westpunjab and sindh went to pakistan which created food crisis in country. also the wholefertileland under jute production went to east pakistan (bangladesh) .

thus indian agriculture became backward, stagnant, and non vibrant under british rule.

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elaborate uncle khosrove's crazyness with the instances from the story?

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