what were the main causes of the battle of plassey?

The famous Battle of Plassey was fought between Siraj-ud-Daulah-the last independent nawab of Bengal and Robert Clive- British army commander of East India Company on June 23, 1757. The causes of the battle are as follows:
  • In 1717, the British were granted Dastaks which they misused as a guise to avoid paying taxes.
  • They started the enhancement of weaponry in Fort Williams and increased its fortification with the aim of expanding their empire.
  • British continuously interfered in the internal affairs of the Nawab which the independent nawabs disliked.

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The main reason behind the battle of plassey was the capture of fort william by Siraj Ud Daulah during June 1756.  Many historians found teh battle of plassey as the geopolitical ambition of teh east india company and it brought a larger dynamics of colonial conquest in the territory of india.

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teh =the

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the main cause was to capture the forts of kalikat. 

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 and yes to established their power in india

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The major cause of the battle of plassey was the capture of fort William and the opposition of the British policies by SIRAJUDULLAH.

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 about human rights

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The Battle of Plassey was a battle that took place on June 23, 1757, on the banks of the Bhagirathi River, about 150 km north of Calcutta.The battle was between Siraj Ud Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, and the forces of the British East India Company. Siraj-ud-Daulah's army commander had defected to the British, causing his army to collapse. After this defeat, the entire province of Bengal passed to the Company, and this battle is today seen as one of the pivotal battles leading to British Empire in India.The ostensible reason for the battle was Siraj-ud-Daulah's earlier attack and capture of Fort William, Calcutta (which he renamed to Alinagar) during June, 1756, but the battle is today seen as part of the geopolitical ambition of the East India Company and the larger dynamics of colonial conquest.This conflict was precipitated by a number of disputes:The illegal use of Mughal Imperial export trade permits (dastaks) granted to the British in 1717 for engaging in internal trade within India. The British cited this permit as their excuse for not paying taxes to the Bengal Nawab.British interference in the Nawab's court, and particularly their support for one of his aunts, Ghaseti Begum. The son of Ghaseti's treasurer had sought refuge in Fort William and Siraj demanded his return.Additional fortifications with mounted guns had been placed on Fort William without the consent of the Nawab, and;Their policy of favouring Hindu Marwari merchants such as Jagat Sheth .

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