What were the means adopted by Ashoka to spread the message of Dhamma?
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Ashoka adopted many measures to spread his dhamma-
  • He wrote the dhamma in a language that was understood by the masses which was Prakrit.
  • Officers with the title Dharma Mahamatras ( Inspector of the dharma) were appointed with the task of spreading and explaining the dhamma.
  • Another way was to install pillars in various places with the dhamma engraved on it 
  • Ashoka led by example, he was a strong follower of ahimsa- dhamma . 

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The means that Ashoka adopted to spread the message of dhamma were: He appointed officials, known as the dhamma mahamatta who went from place to place teaching people about dhamma.
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Ashoka Maurya was the last major emperor of the Mauryan dynasty in India. After the War of Kalinga, he renounced the armed victories. During this time that he came into contact with Buddhism. He adopted several measures to spread his Dhamma. The four most important ways to spread Buddhism under royal patronage are: Ashoka practiced what he preached, the appointment of a new class of officials called Dharmamahamatras to explain the message of Dhamma, the engraving of the principles of dhamma on rocks and pillars in the language of common people, Prakrit, He sent missionaries to spread Dhamma, and he gave funds to Buddhist monasteries in his empire. With all these measures he became able to spread Buddhism to outside the territory of his empire such as Shri Lanka.
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