What were the views of the people about civil disobedience?

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The views of people on civil disobedience movement can be divided into following categories : 

a)rich peasants
  • In the countryside, rich peasant communities – like the Patidars of Gujarat and the Jats of Uttar Pradesh – were active in the movement.
  • Being producers of commercial crops, they were very hard hit by the trade depression and falling prices.
  • These rich peasants became enthusiastic supporters of the Civil Disobedience Movement, organising their communities, and at times forcing reluctant members, to participate in the boycott programmes.
  • For them the fight for swaraj was a struggle against high revenues

b) poor peasants
  • As the Depression continued and cash incomes dwindled, the small tenants found it difficult to pay their rent.
  • They joined Civil disobedience movement with the hope that they did not have to pay rents.

c)business men
  • During the First World War, Indian merchants and industrialists had made huge profits and become powerful . 
  • They now reacted against colonial policies that restricted business activities.
  • Led by prominent industrialists like Purshottamdas Thakurdas and G. D. Birla, the industrialists attacked colonial control over the Indian economy, and supported the Civil Disobedience Movement when it was first launched.

d) industrial workers
  • The industrial working classes did not participate in the Civil Disobedience Movement in large numbers, except in the Nagpur region.
  • They viewed civil disoedience as a movement against low wages and poor working conditions.

e) women
  • There was the large-scale participation of women.
  •  Thousands of women came out of their homes to listen to Gandhiji.
  •  Moved by Gandhiji’s call, they began to see service to the nation as a sacred duty of women.


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