what were the welfare measures adopted by ashoka ?

Ashoka's dhamma was a humanitarian approach towards governance and policy making. It spread kindness, generosity, ahimsa and piety.It encouraged  him to adopt certain welfare measures like the construction of rest houses, hospitals and dispensaries, planting trees like banyan and mangroves, dug wells, medicinal plants unavailable were imported and planted. He also condemned animal sacrifices and such rituals etc.

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central in which the king is the head . He was assisted by a council of ministers (mantri parishad)

provencial in which the royal princes would rule the 4 provinces of the mauryan empire are taxil in north,suvarnagiri in south,tosali in east,ujjain in west. he was assisted by mahamatyas and a council of ministers

in the district level the head would be a pradeshta. he would be assisted by yuktas and rajukas and some ministers

in the village level, the village headman would collect taxes and look after the welfare of the people

these are the welfare measures adopted by ashoka

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he also maintained a large army to keep peace

he planted nurseries for growing medicinal herbs for cure of men and animals

he planted fruit trees and dug wells at regular intevals for weary travellers and his subjects

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