What will be the correct order of sizes of C,NP,S? Shoud we solve by using the concept of shielding effect?

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Atomic radii in general decreases left to right in a period and increases down the group.
Order of atomic radii is P >S > C > N.
Decrease in atomic radii on moving from C to N and P to S in a period is because as we move left to right in a period as the number of electron increases the number of protons in the nucleus also increases due to which the valance shell electron experience greater effective nuclear charge ; therefore more strongly pulled by the nucleus , thus decreasing their sizes. Shielding effect decreases in the order s > p > d orbital electrons. s orbital electrons have greater shielding effect on the nucleus. On moving left to right in a period shielding effect is operable but is same across a period, therefore here we consider only the increase in the effective nuclear charge experienced by the valance shell electrons.


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