What will happen if DNA replication is not followed by cell division in a
eukaryotic cell ?

During cell reproduction or division (mitosis or meiosis), two important events take place one is karyokinesis (nuclear division) and other cytokinesis (cytoplasmic division). After the copyng of the DNA, the chromosome number doubles in the cell and they move apart during nuclear division (karyokinesis) that results in the formation of two daughter nuclei. At the same time the organelles of the same cell are also doubled. Now the cell needs to distribute its cytoplasm and its organelles equally so the each nucleus will be having its own organised cellular structure to function. So the division of nucleus is followed by the division of cytoplasm (cytokinesis). In short, nuclear division or separation of DNA is followed by cytoplasmic division to produce two daughter cells.  

If DNA replication is not followed by cell division in eukaryotic cell, the multinucleate condition will arise leading to the formation syncytium. For example, liquid endosperm in coconut.

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