what will happen if friction suddenly vanishes from our life

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Very good Kirti, good answer but I would like to add some more interesting consequences that would result because of lack of friction.

1. A sound can be produced in a frictionless world but sound would never become inaudible ever because of lack of damping (which is a friction) people would hear a sound spoken say 1000 years ago...actually world would be too noisy to live.

2. The world would be too stormy to live. Because the force got from gaseous expansion by solar heat won't die away and with enough time storms would be too tremendous for anyone to live.

3. All ocean waves would be tsunamis or even greater than that, plus they would never calm.

4. Liquids on floor may climb up your walls, liquids may also travel uphill! (because of super-fluidity). Just Imagine! 

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 if friction vanishes from our lives then -:

 1.  we could not walk, we would keep slipping

 2.  In a frictionless world, all machines will become 100% efficient.

 3.  the cars wouldn't stop, so there would be a lot of accidents

 4. There would be no sound because the waves have to be 'tranferred' but with no friction they cannot transfer!

 5.  Writing would be impossible, the pencil would slip off the page.

 6. Knives would be much less effective 

  7.  Matches wouldn't work 

  8. Phone audio quality would be a lot better, as friction would not have any effect on telephone cables.

  9. The Olympics would be pointless. All events would be reduced to a test of strength pushing away from the start. 

  10. In order to move from one place to another, you would have to make something else move in the opposite direction

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