what will happen if stretch receptors are totally removed from urinary bladder

there will be no micturitiopn

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hie trisha...

as there will b no micturition the heart would work faster ,kidney would get damaged due to this patient will suffer from most of dieases lyk most common uremia,renal failure,renal calculi,glomerulonephritis..n so many..i think there will be the b need to kideny transplant.

i hope u perfectly understd.

chill and agreed thums up.....??

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v wont recieve messages as when to urinate

and eventually the urinary bladder gets filled which results in accumalation of harmful waste products in the body

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micturition will continue.
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Due to lack of stretch receptors ,urinary bladder won't expand which will pressurize heart ,thus increasing BP
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As urine collects in the urinary bladder the muscular walls of the bladder distend to accommodate it. ... It causes an urge to pass out urine. So, if the stretch receptors are totally removed from the bladder urination will continue.
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There will be no urination since CNS does not get information that the urinary bladder is filled. This will lead to build up of harmful waste in our body which at times lead to death
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