What will happen if we drink water suddenly after eating a banana.

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It is actually not only banana but it is general advise to not drink water after eating any fruit. when we are eating any fruit then it will be digested by our system through digestive acids, if we drink water it will dilute our digestive acids and hence the digestion will be hampered. So for good digestion , drinking water is not recommended after eating banana.

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Dr MS Krishnamurthy, clarifies that?you should?not?drink water?(especially cold?water)?after eating bananas?as it?can?cause severe indigestion. According?to?him,?drinking water after eating bananas?makes it hard?to?digest because of the inherent properties of the fruit which are similar?to?that of cold?water
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You should?not?drink water?(especially cold?water)?after eating bananas?as it?can cause severe indigestion. Drinking water after eating banana?makes it hard?to?digest because?of?the inherent properties?of?the fruit which are similar?to that?of cold?water.
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