what will happens if the forests are disappear

The roots of a tree make gaps in the soil so that when it rains the water can sink in before being absorbed by the soil. These spaces also allow air and water to reach the roots of the plants. When trees removed using heavy machinery, the soil is pushed down and the gaps fill in. Because all plants and trees need that water and air to reach roots, the conditions become unfriendly for new growth.

Because the soil no longer can absorb the water, when it rains the water remains on the top of the soil and this can result in floods. The moving water also can completely wash away the top layer of the soil. This is called soil erosion. Without the top layer of soil, which is full nutrition, plants are not fed and find it hard to grow.

What we lose:About 24 billion tons of agricultural topsoil (the top layer of soil) wash or blow away each year.


Forests helpproduce rainfall. The more trees, the more water gets absorbed into clouds and the more rain falls. If the forests disappear, there will be less rain resulting in dryer conditions that eventually lead to drought. Once this happens, the damage is extensive making it difficult to plant more trees or plants later because the soil is so hard and dry.

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The destruction of rainforests will have detrimental effects on the environment and on humans. These effects include the endangerment and possible extinction of organisms through habitat loss and the destruction of plants that could be used for medical purposes in the future. In addition, the destruction of trees will deprive the Earth of oxygen.

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If the forest disappear we will have to suffer following problems:

scanty or no rainfall

soil erosion

no oxyzen so end of the world

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if forest disappear we have to face the following problems

1. we have no food.no shelter and the most important thing that we have no oxygen.

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We will have no life on earth means end of our mother earthvery soon
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