1. What will the Maharaja do to find the required number of Tigers to kill?

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To get the required number of tigers to kill, the Maharaja asked his dewan to find a suitable girl for him to marry. A suitable girl for matrimonial alliance would be one who would not only come from a royal family but also belong to a state with a large tiger population. As Pratibandapuram had no more tigers left, a province that belonged to his father-in-law would certainly provide him with an opportunity to kill more tigers and reach his aim of killing one hundred tigers.

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he would try establish relations with a royal family that had a large number of tigers in its state. he would try to find such a girl and marry her. then he would be free to hunt in the state of his father-in-law.

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although the solution 4 this is already available on this link....


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the maharaja's tiger hunt continued to be highly succesful.he killed 70 tigers within ten years.but tiger population in his kingdom became extinct.he wanted to marry in the royal family of a state with a large tiger population.the dewan found the right girl.in this way,he was able to kill 99 tigers.

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