What would happen if plant cells would have no cell wall?

Differentiate between plasmolysis and deplasmolysis with exampls and diagrams

Plant cells need a cell wall to maintain shape, structure and rigidity. The cell wall is tough enough to prevent the cell from bursting by absorbing water from outside through osmosis. The pressure caused by osmosis and the rigidity of the cell walls help to keep the plant upright. Cell walls provide structural strength against mechanical damage as well as invasion from fungi and bacterial pathogens. 

When cell is placed in a hypertonic solution water moves out, first from cytoplasm and then from vacuole. Cell membrane shrinks away from the cell wall. This is known as plasmolysis




After plasmolysis, if a cell is placed in hypotonic solution then water enters the cell and this process is called deplasmolysis.  


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If plants cells would have no cell wall den cthe chances of bursting of cell will increase as cell wil not be able to resist the pressure . Its turgidity and rigidity will also get affected...

Shrinking of cell due to loss of H2O is plasmolysis . Egg...... keeping grapes in salt solution (hypertonic)

swelling of cell wen it gains H2O is deplasmolysis . Egg....... keeping that plasmolysed grape in water(isotonic)

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