Whatare some of the problems faced by refugees? In what ways could theconcept of global citizenship benefit them?

Anyanswer supported with argument or explanation would solve thepurpose. It is strongly recommended that you prepare thesolution on your own. However, some sample pointers have beenprovided for your reference:

Thefollowing are some of the problems faced by refugees:

  • Refugees are not treated well by the local residents of the place.

  • They are considered as a burden on the local economy.

  • The local residents feel that refugees are snatching their job opportunities in that area.

  • The refugees are held responsible for spreading diseases, crime and polluting the area as they mostly live in slums and tents.

  • They are constrained to do useful and necessary work but at low wages.

  • Refugees face the problem of shelter, food and lack of employment.

  • Refugees are exempted from the rights that are given by the state to its people like enjoying the right of minimum standard of living and security.

  • Thus, they are often exploited by the police and other local residents on grounds of the rights that they lack as a member of that state.

Globalcitizenship would be beneficial to refugees as it will be easier todeal with problems that extend across national boundaries and requirecooperation of other states.

Itwould also help refugees and stateless people by providing them basicrights and solutions to their problems so that they can lead a normallife.

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