Whathave you observed about the stratification system existing in yoursociety? How are individual lives affected by stratification?

Social stratification refers to the existenceof structured inequalities between groups in a society, in terms oftheir access to materials or symbolic rewards. Historically, therehave been four basic systems of stratification- slavery, caste,estate and class.

In India, there are several stratifications onthe basis of caste, class, gender etc. In several organisations,stratification exists on the basis of the roles of the employees.

The life of the individuals is affected bystratification because people are placed in higher or lower strata.The lower strata is devoid of certain symbolic rewards and materialadvantages which improve the quality of the life of the recipientsuch as wealth, income, health, security in a job, etc. On the otherhand, the higher strata enjoys all the benefits of the society. Thesematerial benefits or privileged position are also passed on to thefuture generations of the higher strata.

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