whats the difference among 'though', 'eventhough' , 'although'? also, how do you correctly use 'only' in a sentence? whats the difference among the meaning and usage of 'avenge', 'revenge', vengence'?

-The word 'only' modifies the word or clause right after it. It should be used carefully.

For example: I eat only cake on my birthday.

I eat cake only on my birthday.

The meaning of both sentences is different as 'only' is used before different words. The first sentence means that I eat nothing but cake on my birthday. The second sentence means that I eat cake only on my birthday and on no other day.

- 'Avenge'(take revenge) is a verb, 'revenge' and 'vengeance'(payback or retribution) are nouns.

- For the most part, though and although are interchangeable. For example: Although he is poor, he is honest.

  Though he is poor, he is honest.

'Althogh' can not be used at the end of a sentence, whereas 'though' can: My school is nice. The playground is small,though.

"even though' is used when emphasis is to be given: Even though Virat Kohli played well, India lost the match.

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