whats the difference between flagella and cilia ?

Cilia and flagella are the hair like appendages which help in locomotion in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Basically the structure of cilia and flagella is the same but if in a cell there is one or a few it is called flagella and if there are many it is called cilia. These structures move the fluid around them for movement. If the cells are immobile then they are helpful in moving the fluid around them for transportation of other substances.

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1. Number per cell ranging from 300 to 14000, occurring all over the surface of cell.
2. Very small in size, 5-10µ long.
3. Cilia beat in a coordinated rhythm either simultaneously (synchronous) or one after the other (metachronic).
4. Help in locomotion, feeding circulation, aeration, etc.
1. Number is very less, usually 1-4 per cell.
2. Much longer, about 150µ long.
3. They beat independent of each other.
4. Help in locomotion only.
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