whats the difference between than and then?

@golu111, your friend’s attempt to help you is commendable. However, I would like to explain the concept better.
The word ‘than’ indicates comparison. When you are talking about a noun (thing, person, place or concept) being brighter, lesser, better, sharper, farther etc. in relation to another noun, the word than is necessary.
For instance:
-  Your laptop is better than mine.
-  She's wiser than I am.
-  It's colder today than it was yesterday.
-  Our car is bigger than your car.
The word ‘then’ is used to indicate time. When you want to tell about a sequence of events or are giving instructions in a sequential order, the word then is necessary.
For instance,
-  I want to go to a restaurant then to the party.
-  Then, out of nowhere, she started to dance.
-  She stumbled on the stage and then rose with the applause.
@sujipsjr09, your effort is appreciable.
Happy to help!
Best wishes!

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THAN is used for difference between others

THEN is used for questions

eg:then what will happen?

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