whe we have to write 0.057 *10^-3 in the form of 5.7 then wht is the power of 10 please explain how to do it and remembe it

Dear Student,
0.057 x 10 -3 = 5.7 x 10-5

When point move left to right then minus power increases. In this no point move two digit right.
So power -2 increase.
Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.

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Observe the mantissa,i.e. the part .057; when u change the mantissa to 5.7, u actually increase the value at this point, which has to be adjusted in my exponential part. Simply make the power more negative to do so; to what extent to do it? by the same unit as you have shifted the decimal point. so it will be 5.7 X 10-5
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so you should see this pic here 8.96multiplied by 10to power-2 when written in form 8.96the powerof ten is -3 how

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can anyone give an answer with a simple and real logic
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