When a banana is left outside for few days there is a change in its colour i.e. there are black patches on its surface . this is a kind of chemical change . since there is a change in physical appearence also does that mean a chemical change can also bring physical change ???

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Bananas change its colour in few days because it contains an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase which reacts with oxygen and coats the banana with a sort of rust that accounts which is dark brown in color. This enzyme is also found in apples, potatoes, and pears. So if bananas left outside it will begin to turn into a brown color in few days.

When a chemical reaction occurs in any of the compounds, there is a change in physical properties also. 



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Due to oxidation of the chemicals in banana by air, it rots or there is that black patch appearance.. due to that chsnge in chemical property, physical appearence changes.. 
Physical change CANNOT bring a change in chemical properties.
Chemical change BRINGS change in physical properties..

Other examples are burning of charcoal brings change in its physical state.. chemical heating of iron melts iron..

So... answer to your question is YES..
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 a banana in the beginning of the ripening process might become sweeter and turn yellow, it will eventually overripen by producing too much of its own ethylene. High amounts of ethylene cause the yellow pigments in bananas to decay into those characteristic brown spots in a process called enzymatic browning.
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