When a coordination compound CrCl3. 6H2O is mixed with AgNO3, two moles of AgCl are precipitated per mole of compound. Write the structural formula and the IUPAC name of the complex. I didn't understand why 1 molecule of H2O is also removed along with Cl2. Experts, I need your explanation. Thank you!

Given that two moles of AgCl is precipitated. That means the number of Chloride ionoutside the sphere is 2. Because inside ions in the sphere does not participate in reaction with AgNO3.So the structure of the complex isCr(H2O)5Cl Cl2. H2OThe complex is having 1 molecule of water outside the sphere. Because total water molecule = 6.5 inside the sphere and 1 outside the sphere. The name of the complex is pentaaquochlorochromium(III) chloride

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