when a coordination compound PtCl4.6NH3  is mixed with AgNO3, 4 moles of AgCl are precipitated per mole of the compound. Write IUPAC name of the complex.       experts answer, please .       (my prelims ques) I want to know the answer      Thank you

Dear Studnet,

1 mole of AgCl requires 1 mole of Cl- ion.
So, ‚Äč4 mole of AgCl requires 4 mole of Cl- ion.
So, 4 moles of Cl must exist outside the coordination sphere of the coordinate compound, i.e. exist as ion in the compound.
Hence the structural formula is [Pt(NH3)6]Cl4 and its IUPAC name is Hexaammineplatinum(IV)Chloride.

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