When a plant first begins to wilt permanently in a pot, its 54.5 gm of soil has 4.5 gm of water. The Permanent Wilting Point (PWP) of this soil is:

a) 4.5%
b) 9%
c) 8.25%
d) 16.5%

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The correct option is b).
The minimal point of soil water required by plant not to wilt is called permanent wilting point (PWP). It can be determined as:

Mass of soil with water = 54.5gm
Mass of water = 4.5gm
Therefore, mass of dry soil = 54.5-4.5 = 50gm

​PWP or Moisture content = Mass of waterMass of dry soilx100= 4.550x100 = 9%.

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​​permanent wilting point (
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PWP =  (mass of  water / mass of soil without water ) x 100
PWP = ( 4.5 / 54.5-4.5 ) x 100 = 9%
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