When cricket teams go abroad the members are allowed to take their wives, even
friends along with them. Does this fact distract them or help them to focus on
their game in a better way ? If it is good, why don’t we allow our athletes to enjoy the
same privilege ?
Write a letter to editor of a national daily in 120-150 words giving your views on the
issue. You are Navtej/Navita, M-114 Mount Kailash, Kanpur.

Dear Student, 
Kindly follow the prescribed format of letter to editor and write the following content:
  • Intro- Owing to the popularity of Cricket in India, rules are easily bent for the cricketers and they enjoy extra attention and privileges wherever they go. They are allowed to take their friends and families along when they go on tours, irrespective of the fact that their presence may distract them while playing. 
  • Body- However, athletes belonging to other games are not allowed to do so. Why are they treated differently? Is this because other games are not valued as much as Cricket?  
  • Conclusion- All the games deserve equal importance as they bring equal glory and fame to the country. Government should introduce measures to keep all the games at par.
Hope this information will clear your doubts about this topic. 

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