When do we say that work is done?

Whenever you do anything like standing, reading... people say you do work but actually physics will say you don't, because in physics work is defined when force makes a body move by a distance. In the above cases of reading and standing you neither apply force nor do you displace yourself.

Work done = force x displacement.

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whenever there is a displacement taking place with the cause of an external force, then it is known as work done.


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 when ever ttere is a displacement produced by appling force, then there is a work done .

if you apply alot of force & there is no displacement theh there is no wok done, keep this in your mind.

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There are 2 conditions to be satisfied for work  to be done.they are-a force should act on an object and the object must be displced . if we apply foce and if the object is not displaced then the is not done. for example- we are pushing a wall in this case we are applying force but the is not displaced.hence the work is not done

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