when i tried division of 765321 by 9 i am getting confused what to do?

it is not divisible.....

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You  do not get it because 765321 is not divisible by 9!

Before dividing any number by 9, do the divisibility test of 9 for that number!

For doing the divisiblity test for 9., First add all the digits in that number,

7+6+5+3+2+1 = 24

Now check whether this result is divisible by 9! The result is 24 for 765321. 24 is not divisible by 9!

Therefore, 765321 is not divisible by 9!

So, u can just check this divisibility test before dividing the number by 9! However, the answercan be expressed in decimals on division!

Hope this helps!!!

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it is not devisoble by 9
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its not divisible by 9
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