When round and yellow seeded pea plants (YYRR) are crossed with green wrinkled (y y r r) seeded pea plants the F1 are yellow and round seeded plants (Yy Rr).

What will be the results when this F1 is crossed with round and yellow seeded parents?

Dear student

Please refer the solution below for the said query

The cross between F1(YyRr) and round seeded parent plant (YYRR) can be represents as:

Parents           YyRr            x               YYRR

Gametes          YR, Yr, yR, yr              YR

Progeny         YYRR, YYRr, YyRR, YyRr  (All Round Yellow)

Hence, the progeny produced will be all round yellow seeded pea plants.

Hope this information clears your doubt about the topic.


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