When the happy prince was alive he would never come to know anything of sorrow and misery. What do you think he could not learn from his life then? Describe in 100-150 words.

Dear student,

The Happy Prince could not see the misery of the people because he was always kept inside the palace and was detached from the outside world where these miseries lie. He had all the comforts one could imagine and lived a luxurious life. That's why, he couldn't see the true world and misery of the people beyond its palace walls. Such a sheltered life deprived him of the opportunity of experiencing life in its true form. He could never learn that one has to overcome hurdles, undergo struggles and make sacrifices to achieve comfort. As he had received everything on a silver platter, he could not possibly have valued life's blessings. He would have taken them for granted.
After we ead the story further, we come to know that he is actually a man with good character and a good heart who wants to remove the misery of the poor. Once he witnessed the suffering of the people, his eyes opened up to their troubles. That is when he realised the duty of a ruler towards his people and the duty of a good human being towards his fellow beings!


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