when we are told to hate our brothers it is ourselves that we shall dispossess , betray , condemn . Why is this so?? explain with reference to the poem.

In this poem the poet is saying that no one man is different form the other. Every man is the same, they are all humans. Since they all live on the same earth, eat the same harvest. All men are aware of the sun, air and water, they have all gone through he same kind of labours.

The poet further states why countries should wage wars against each other when people from different countries share the same earth, breathe the same air, eat the same food. Going into a war with other countries means warring against ourselves. Whenever we are asked to participate in war against another nation we men are going to hate and betray ourselves. We pick up weapons against ourselves. Everyone understands the language of love instead fighting against our brothers we should learn to win them over with our love and kindness.

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