"When winds blow from Northeast to Southwest which are generally dry, only few regions of India get rainfall during a month." true or false , if false correct the statement. . plzzzz fast. i have exams2moro

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You can refer to the following answer :
 During  winter months when North East monsoon winds blow, they pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and  gives Vishakapatnam, Madras heavier rain as they are on the Windward side of the Eastern Ghats while Hyderabad / Secunderabad / Bangalore / Mysore ​receive less rain as they are on the Leeward side or in the Rain shadow region of the Eastern Ghats.

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Rainfall decrease from east to west because of the following reasons:

a. Monsoon winds emanating from Bay of Bengal Branch and Arabian sea branch accounts for most of the rainfall in the Indian sub continent Bay of Bengal branch causes maximum amount of rainfall and sheds most amount of its moisture in the Brahmaputra valley and Assam hills.

b .When these winds advance towards west they go on shedding moisture and that thus reduces the amount of rainfall from east to west.

c. Likewise, moisture laden winds emanating from Arabian sea branch causes maximum amount of rainfall shedding maximum amount of moisture their, in the windward side of the Western ghats because of its ascent to the south west monsoon winds .

d. These areas, for example Gujarat and Rajasthan fall parallel to the Arabian branch of south west monsoon, owing to the presence of Aravalli hills which are not high enough to offer any obstruction to these monsoon winds, they receive less rainfall.

e.The hot climate of these areas increases the capacity of rain bearing winds to hold moisture , hence they do not cause rainfall on the eastern side of the ghats.
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when the winds blow from northeast to southwest a part of it moves above the water body i.e. bay of bengal and catches moisture from there.This brings about rain in tamil nadu during the winter month.
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