where and why did virginia disappear? how was she found?

When Virginia saw Sir Simon in a room, she started talking to him. He told Virginia his tragic story.  He told that he killed his wife and is guilty for it. He asked Virginia to pray for him, as he had no faith, to weep for him, as he had no tears, so that the Angel of Death will have mercy on him. Virginia's heart melted. She accompanied him to the garden of death and she weeped and prayed for him. The angel of death had mercy on the ghost and she gifted him with his death. The ghost thanked Virginia for helping him. He gave a box  full of jewels to Virginia. Meanwhile Virginia's family was really worried for her as she had disappeared without anyone knowing about it. She appeared at midnight with the box. She told everyone about the ghost. Everyone was happy that the ghost had got freedom. Virginia had done a great job...
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