where are these found, their role in evans tries an O-level: 1)bobble hat 2)blanket 3)false beard 4)chlerical paliformia minister's dodge collar 5)pair of spectacles 6)semi inflated rubber tube 7)map 8)correction slip

1) bobble hat: Evans had put on a bobble hat to hide his closely cropped hair that he had cut the night prior to the exam. When Jackson ordered him to remove that hat, Evans requested the kind hearted officer Mr. Jackson to let him keep it as he considered the cap to be his lucky charm.
2) blanket: In order to conceal his effort of changing into clothes to look like Mc Leery, Evans draped a blanket round his shoulder. Stephens was misled into believing that Evans was feeling cold.
3) false beard: carried by Mc Leery into the cell and used by Evans to disguise as the minister.
4) and 5) minister's dodge collar and pair of spectacles: Evans’ friend disguised as Mc Leery managed to smuggle the material used for disguise into the cell. He came wearing two parson’s dresses with black fronts and collars. He also brought an extra pair of spectacles.
6) The rubber tube was in Mc Leery's suitcase and he said it was required as he had haemorrhoids.
7) map: Evans had found the Ordnance Survey map of Oxfordshire in the car while escaping.
8) correction slip: It had the name of the hotel to which Evans would escape and the exact time the exam was to start. This would give him the idea of when the exam would finish so as to plan the events in the last two crucial minutes! The correction slip also gave the clue to the Governor to locate him.

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