where can we learn editing, omission and jumbled sentenses i cant ffnd it here.......................

We would soon be uploading exercises on omission at our website. We thank you for bearing patience with us.

Here is a question on omission till then:

There was a fire our street yesterday morning. ________________
When I woke up, I looked of the window and saw ________________
smoke pouring out of house opposite. Then I ________________
saw fire engines arriving their sirens ________________
blaring. First one turned the corner and stopped outside ________________
the house. All the firemen dashed the house and ________________
ran upstairs to the bedrooms. A woman screaming ________________
from an upstairs window. She shouted that she locked ________________
in the room and not get out. By this time a second ________________
fire engine arrived and the firemen held a blanket ________________
for her to jump into. The chief shouted that she to jump. ________________
You could see that was terrified but suddenly she ________________
made the decision and with great scream, she jumped. ________________
She landed safely. Afterwards she said that it had the ________________
most frightening experience of life. ________________

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