Where did Aryans come from?what was their main language?

the Aryans were nomadic people who lived in central - Asia.At that time there was no languages . People used pictographic script to use.It was based on symbols like animal figure etc.   
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Wrong ans
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Original Home of the Aryans It is generally believed that they were not the original inhabitants of India. Many theories have been put forward in favour and against the argument. Some historians say that the original home of Aryans was Central Asia. Others are of the opinion that their original home was in southern Russia (near the Caspian sea) or in the south-east Europe (in Austria and Hungary). German scholar Max-Muller thought that the original home of the Aryans was somewhere near the Caspian Sea. From there they had migrated to the European countries. Two groups of Aryans are said to have come to Persia and India. The Aryans who had migrated to India are known as the 'Indo-Aryans'. They were the first people who entered India through the north-western passes. The common descent of the Aryans is also indicated by the fact that Sanskrit, the language of the Indo-Aryans, is closely related to many languages of Europe and some languages of Western Asia. From this it can be concluded that in olden times the ancestors of these people who spoke similar languages must have once lived as neighbours. Bhagwan S. Gidwani in his book 'The Return of the Aryans' contends that Aryans were the original inhabitants of India and from here they migrated to other places in the world. He argues that if Aryans did migrate from other places to India then why is there no reference to those places in their books, such as Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, etc. According to Bal Gangadhar Tilak Aryans originally inhabited Siberia but due to the falling temperature had to leave Siberia for greener pastures.
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central asia
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The aryans come from eastern afghanistan and their main language was vedic sanskrit 
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The people who composed hymns were known as aryas
They were the grain growing farmers and spoke a language akin to cymirc
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