where do the things that enter into a black hole reach?

We Don't know what happen in Black hole. Gravity inside the black hole is so much high even light can not escape from the black hole.
Since light can not  come out from black hole to human eye, so we can not see that what happens inside the black hole.

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The things which enter the black hole are ripped apart and torn.But still a black hole's presence is not proved.

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So, if you were to jump into a black hole, where would you come out? Whats on the other side? Where do they take you to? Black holes dont actually go anywhere. There isnt an actual hole involved at all.

Theyre massive black orbs in space with an incomprehensible gravitational field. Were familiar with things that are black in colour, like asphalt,. Black holes arent that sort of black. Theyre black because even light, the fastest thing in the Universe, has given up trying to escape their immense gravity.

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