where do you expect the pressure to be high?at the equator or at the poles?why? 

The amount of heat radiation is of maximum at the equator. The cold air at the poles is denser than the warm air at the equator; hence, air pressure at sea level is higher at the poles than at the equator. In other words, the pressure gradient at sea level is directed from the poles toward the equator, and the pressure gradient in the upper part of the atmosphere has the opposite sign.
In fluid and gases pressure gradients produce flow from regions of high pressure to regions of low pressure. If the earth were not rotating, the response to these pressure gradients would be direct and simple.

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at the equater because in summer near the equater land warms up fast than that of water in the ocean. if you havs n.c.e.r.t you can see page no. 85 and 84

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at the equater because in summer the land warms up faster

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