Where do you find kaveri delta and which state mention the river which states it flows

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a. Kaveri Delta is located in ‚Äčthe state of Tamil Nadu.
b.  The delta is surrounded  by the Bay of Bengal on the East  and Palk straight on the South,  in fact it extends for 125 km from the Caleroon mouth in the north.
c. The Kaveri river flows mainly in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
d. The river basin however covers, Tamil Ndau, Karnataka, area of Kerala and Puducherry.
e. It originates from Brahmagri range of the Western Ghats .


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The kaveri delta is found in peninsular India in the state of Tamil Nadu
The river flows through Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
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orign - talakaveri , kodagu in karnatak
flows generally south and east through karnataka and taml nadu
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