Where is the category of English LITERATURE reader...this is my course..i want to ask the summary of the first chapter of LITERATURE READER.please answer..I am just choosing the wrong chapter because the chapter or the book i want is not in category..anyone knows the answer please comment..:)

In the new version, you can view the NCERT solutions by clicking the section of "NCERT solutions" in the "Study Material" tab on the top panel. Due to some technical error, the summaries are not visible in the new version of our site. But they are available in the old version.To go back to the old version, click on the "Back to old version" option given on the top panel. However, if you are a new member, probably this option would not appear on your screen. In such a case you would have to wait till this technical problem gets resolved. We regret the inconvenience caused and would rectify the problem soon.

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 thanks.....the category is now given...;)

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