Where they harness the swift reindeer

To the sledges, when it snows;?

And the children look like bear?s cubs

In their funny, furry clothes:?
Plz explain me all these lines only in a sheet of paper i want my ans plz

Plzz do Q1

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When they haness the swift reindeer, to the sledges, when it snows, and the children look like bear's cubs, in their funny, furry clothes,. About which place is the poet talking? Why do they harness reindeer there? What kind of clothes do the children wear? Which figure of speech is used here?
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I don't know
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Who was the author of these lines A)William Wordsworth B)Phoebe Cary C)Robert Burns D)Kamala Das Please answer this question
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When they harness the swift reindeer

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