where we use thee and the

 thee is not any word, plz correct it

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 1. We use the to refer to nouns that have already been mentioned or when it is obvious what particular thing is being referred to.

for the use of thee visit this site:


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we use the pronounciation 'thee' whenever the word after 'the' has the first letter as a vowel

for example.....for 'thee use' of  clothes,,,,,in this case we say 'thee' because the letter u is a vowel in the word 'use'

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 "The" is an article while "Thee" is an old pronoun which translates to "You"...they are two completely separate and uninterchangeable things.

However if you are referring to the PRONUNCIATION of the article, "The", which can be pronounced "THUH" OR "THEE", then grammatically speaking this is the correct usage: Use "THUH" when it precedes a word starting with a CONSONANT ("The computer"). Use "THEE" for words starting with a vowel ("The insect").

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