which are the 2 physical divisions of the peninsular plateau? write 4 characteristics of each division.

The two physical divisions of the peninsular plateau are the Central Highlands and the Deccan Plateau. The characteristics of each of them are given below.

Central Highlands:

  • It lies to the north of the river Narmada.

  • The slope of the gradient is towards north and the main rivers, Chambal, Ken, Betwa and Son flow from southwest to northeast.

  • The eastward extensions are marked by Bundelkhand, Baghelkhand and Chhota Nagpur plateau.

  • It is wider in west and narrower in east and merges with the desert region in the west.


Deccan Plateau:

  • It lies to the south of river Narmada.

  • The northern boundary is marked by the Satpura range while eastern boundaries are marked by Mahadev, Maikal and Kaimur hills.

  • It is higher in the west and gently slopes eastwards.

  • Its extension in the northeast is known as the Meghalaya and Karbi-Anglong plateau and is separated by a fault from Chhota Nagpur plateau.


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 central highlands

wider in the west and narrower in the east

eastwars extensions r known as bundelkand and bagelkhand

the chotanagpur plateau marks the eastward xtension drainned by damodar river

this area is drained by chamal, the sind, betwa and ken frm southwest to northeast

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 deccan plateau

triangular landmass

mahadev, kaimur and maikal ranges form the eastward extension

higher in the west and slopes gently eastwards

it is seperated by a fault frm the chotanagpur plateau

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Physical division of Peninsular Plateau:

(A) Central Highlands (B) Deccan Plateau

A. i. Lies to the north of Narmada river.

ii. It covers a major area of the Malwa plateau.

iii. It is bound by the Vindhyan range in the south and Aravalis on the north


iv. The Central Highlands are wider in the west and narrower in the east.

v. The eastward extensions are locally known as the Baghelkhand,

and Chotanagpur.

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