Which Diagram should be drawn in Boards for a Standard Calomel Electrode??

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The first diagram represents a Standard calomel electrode.

The second diagram represents the Calomel electrode when used for the determination of Standard electrode potential.
So, if only standard calomel electrode is asked, the first diagram is to be drawn:

Calomel electrode acts as a reference electrode.
It consists of a Hg and HgCl2 solution.
Compared to Standard Hydrogen Electrode, the calomel electrode is easy to maintain. Here the paste of HgCl2 and solid Hg is attached to a rod immersed in saturated KCl solution.
Saturated solution of KCl allows the exchange of ions through a porous salt bridge, which is used to complete the circuit.


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1st one
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1st fig is for calomal electrode . And 2nd is for standard electrode potential of calomal electrode . So 1st figure is more preferred.
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But it is not necessary to draw any of them right?
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If req in question then we have to...
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