Which form of business is suitable for following types of business and why?
(a) Beauty Parlour
(b) Hotels
(c) Shopping malls
(d) Small retail outlet
(e) Medium size trading concern

It depend on your choice your income your knowledge and your skills about that work
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Nishi please expand it a little bit more as it is a 3 marker question.
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Hi Hridai

a. sole proprietorship
b.joint stock company
c.joint stock company
d.sole proprietorship
e. partnership

For the purpose of expanding you can write the features of each in suitable cases.
hope it helps
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u can give examplesuch that if u have sufficient capital . skills and want to do alone business then u will choice sole propritership as an business organisationsuch as beauty palor.in this way u explain it more,
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beaty fuycjer
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Hy hoe are you
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Small retail outlet
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call Rochelle outlet
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Which form of business is suitable for small retail outlets
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