Which is most ionic ?
a) Cs-Cl
b) Al-Cl
c) C-Cl
d) H-Cl
Explain with reason

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The ionic property of the molecule/atom is influenced by covalent bond which are dependant of cations, whenever cation is smaller increased pull of covalent is experienced but ionic property is determined by the size of cations bigger the size bigger is ionic property.

Among the given options Cs-Cl is having bigger cation, in addition the electronegativity is higher in Cs-Cl atom combination hence answer is Option (A) Cs-Cl.


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Most ionic is H Cl since it has two small size elements with great nuclear charge between them hence strong force of attraction between them 
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Cs cl as according to fajans rule when the size of cation is small then the covalent character increases but ij the question we have to tell ionic then the answer will be the bigger cation ie.cs
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