Which is the features of brayophyta

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Bryophytes are closely tied to water; they need it to reproduce and survive, and they also hold water. They are covered in a waxy cuticle which helps the ecosystem they thrive in. Bryophytes arenon-vascular plants, which means they do not have specialized tissues to move water and materials within the plant.
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1. Bryophytes grow in damp and shady places.

2. They follow heterologous haplodiplobiontic type of life cycle.

3. The dominant plant body is gametophyte on which sporophyte is semiparasitic for its nutrition.

4. The thalloid gametophyte differentiated in to rhizoids, axis (stem) and leaves.

5. Vascular tissues (xylem and phloem) absent.

6. The gametophyte bears multi-cellular and jacketed sex organs (antheridia and archegonia).

7. Sexual reproduction is oogamous type.

8. Multi-cellular embryo develops inside archegonium.

9. Sporophyte differentiated into foot, seta and capsule.

10. Capsule produces haploid meiospores of similar types (homosporous).

11. Spore germinates into juvenile gametophyte called protonema.

12. Progressive sterilization of sporogenous tissue noticed from lower to higher bryophytes.

13. Bryophytes are classified under three classes: Hepaticae (Liverworts), Anthocerotae (Hornworts) and Musci (Mosses).

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