Which kind of process does raw materials go through i am unable to understand this point???? Plz explain me again which kind of process basically???? As one of Meritnation experts told me

Dear Student 
Raw material is the basic material which is used to make a product. Basically there are two kind of process i.e. assembling process and manufacturing process
Example of assembling process-to make a wodden table so wood is the raw material or initial good that you need to make a table then cleaning that wood, giving it desired design and pattern . polishing it etc. will comes under the process of making a wooden table and at last when table is made that is called as final good.
Example of manufacturing process- to make fabric from cotton, firstly we grow cotton than we removed seed from it called as ginning than cotton is taken to the factories for spinning than its converted into yarn after that knitting is done that convert it into a fabric.so here cotton is initial good whereas fabric is final good.

​​​​​Hope i am able to clear your doubt

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